Bibimbap has always been one of my favorite things to eat.  A popular Korean dish it is essentially vegetables on rice.  I usually just take whatever I have in the refrigerator, saute it up, and put it on rice with a little kimchi and a fried egg.  No complaints it is really good, but when Bon Appetit Magazine did a feature on bibimbap they inspired me to make the dish and dress it up a little nicer.


The magazine article has a lot of suggestions for toppings so I am going to include the Epicurious link to the recipe.  You can decide what you like the best and make your own custom bibimbap!

This is what the Korean chili paste I used looks like and I would not skip it.  The date sauce made in the recipe really brings the final product together.


Another thing that I think turned out fantastic was the toasted rice.  Just leave the saute pan on a burner while you do everything else and you will have perfect toasted rice in the end.


For my bibimbap vegetables I used bean sprouts, carrots, zucchini, spinach and nori.  Feel free to mix and match whatever you like and whatever is available!


I made this twice.  For the beef bulgogi the first time I used ribeye, the second time I used sirloin.  If you are being cost conscious go for the sirloin and just soak it in the marinade for closer to 3 hours than 30 minutes.  The asian pear is important in the marinade because it tenderizes the meat.


Make this dish.  It is unique and delicious and you will not be disappointed!



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